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  • Malosa announce new 2015/2016 Ophthalmology Brochure


    Malosa are pleased to announce their 2015/2016 Single-Use Ophthalmology Brochure. The brochure includes their complete range of single-use surgical instruments for all ophthalmic procedures.



    New for 2015 is the introduction of Malosa Contour Clips, which can instantly convert any flat-handled Malosa instrument to round-handled, giving surgeons unrivalled adaptability and precision. 



    The brochure also showcases Malosa's new range of direct-action Capsulorhexis Forceps for sub 1.8mm micro-incision cataract surgery (MICS). Available as curved or straight shafts with Cystotome tips, the single-use capex forceps are the finest on the market.





    Cutting-Edge corneal transplant surgery is also covered in the brochure with new instruments for DALK, DSAEK and DMEK procedures. Other single-use corneal instruments featured include those for corneal inlay's such as the KAMRA™ inlay from AcuFocus and Intrastromal corneal rings (Keraring/Ferrara Ring/Intacs).




    Malosa continue to provide innovative solutions for cataract surgeons with an increased range of instruments developed specifically for femto-phaco procedures. The brochure also includes instruments for the removal of poorly positioned or dislocated IOLs developed alongside Professor David Spalton.




    Malosa continue to develop innovative single-use solutions for groundbreaking refractive procedures including a hyperopic version of their successful Reinstein Lenticule Separator which was the first single-use instrument for the SMILE™ keyhole LASIK procedure, developed alongside Professor Dan Reinstein.




    The brochure also contains sections for each aspect of Ophthalmic surgery including Oculoplastics, Strabismus, Sub-Tenons, Paediatric Ophthalmology, Lacrimal, Corneal Cross-Linking (CXL) and LASEK.


    The release of the new brochure further reinforces Malosa's commitment to providing the highest quality single-use surgical instruments for ophthalmology. The printed brochure can be requested at

    Alternatively; the PDF brochure is available as a digital download at


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Take a tour of our class 7 cleanroom

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View our range of single-use Instruments

View our range of single-use Instruments

Download our 2015/2016 ophthalmology brochure

Learn the benefits of single-use instruments & packs

Learn the benefits of single-use instruments & packs

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SGS ISO 13485 Registered

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